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Testimonials for CDs
“Bedtimes are no longer a battleground. The Calm for Kids CDs are a big hit in our household.”
 - Heather Connon, The Observer

“My daughter loves the (Calm For Kid’s) stories and is much calmer and more focused after listening to them.”
 - Helen Kemmit

“What a fantastic CD. Its not only my daughter who relaxes – the whole family calms down when they hear the lovely soothing voice.”
 - Sarah Lawson

“In our busy lives I have learnt that anything that makes life easier is a boon and my latest discovery is no exception! Calm For Kids is a fantastic tool to help in the sometimes exhausting moments we know as children’s bedtime”.
 - Carey Campbell

“My son was having problems with his peers at school and listening to the CDs helped him to put things in perspective.”
 - Adrienne Robertson

“Calm for Kids makes me go to sleep quicker and stops me getting nightmares. The stories are really fun and I have listened to them over and over again."
 - Alex Sanders

“My two girls listen to these stories and they seem to induce a calm peaceful sleep so I am a big fan of the Calm For Kids CD”.
 - Joanna Simmons

"We use the bedtime meditations to calm Jess before her 11+ exams. They really helped. Thanks!"
 - Sophie Bird

“This Calm For Kids CD is wonderful. My eldest daughter finds it very hard to 'switch off' at bedtime & as a result lies awake for hours mulling things over in her head. That was until I bought this CD. The soothing music, creative narrative and Christiane’s calm and gentle voice helps her to totally relax, she is yet to hear the CD to the end, she always falls asleep by track 3. Can’t recommend it highly enough. ”
 - Mum of two girls.

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