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kids yogaSit cross-legged on the ground.  Plant your sitting bones firmly on the ground and try and have your back straight and tall.  Close your eyes and notice how you are breathing.

As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in wonderful golden stardust that makes you feel warm and happy. As you breathe out, let go of any little niggles or worries. 

Do this for three of four times.


kids yogaLie on the floor with your legs long and your hands by your sides. 

Close your eyes.  Imagine it is a warm summer day and your are lying in the bottom of an open boat.  The boat is gently rocking from side to side and you can feel the warm summer sun on your skin. 

You hear birds singing and you can smell the perfume of roses as it catches in the soft summer breeze.  Your boat slowly drifts downstream and you watch the blue sky above you.  Little white clouds float along and you feel happy and relaxed.

Stay here for as long as you like drifting down the river.  When you do decide to move take your time.

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