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Teaching Mindfulness to Children
This course is run over a weekend and is suitable for professionals who are working with children, either as school teachers, yoga teachers or in other areas. Applicants need to have their own meditation practice.

The course includes skills and tools to help bring the beneftis of mindfulness to children, building their resilience and ability to cope with stress and difficult situations. It also gives teachers techniques to support their own practice.

On the course you will work through a six week course (including lesson plans) that can be delivered in primary school for KS1 and KS2. As well as the material in the lesson plans there will be other material you can use in the classroom, in yoga sessions or in your professional work with children.

On the course you will learn how to:
  • Integrate mindfulness techniques into your yoga session or classroom
  • Plan sessions for your group
  • Use tools to help families and children improve listening skills
  • Help children establish their own regular meditation practice
  • Write your own visualisations for children
The course will include:
  • Breath awareness techniques and relaxation exercises that are suitable for different age groups
  • How children can take the skills they learn in mindfulness and meditation sessions and use them to enhance their everyday life
  • How to create an appropriate meditation environment for your sessions and ways to help children set up their own "mindful space"
  • Working with the senses and how they can help awareness of ourselves and the world around us
  • The dfference between adult and chldren's meditation and mindfulness and how to ensure you work within safe limits
  • How to explain and demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness to children
The course will include group work, discussion, lectures and practical sessions. Skills and techniques learned over the two day course will include: mudras; breath work; ways to help children improve focus, concentration and develop mindfulness; listening exercise; mantras; affirmations; rhymes; techniques to develop visualisation skills; movement and quiet games.

The course draws on meditation and mindfulness techniques from several traditions and schools but is presented in a practical and secular way.

You will receive a course booklet and free CD.

This Teaching Mindfulness to Children course is eligible for CPD hours for Yoga Alliance Professionals members.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children Booking Information

Course suitability:

A personal mindfulness/meditation practice and attendance at 
an 8- week MBSR course or similar. 

September  29/30 
 9.30 - 5.00 on both days
Venue:  8 Dalling Road, London W6 OJB
Cost:    £ 325    
Download a booking form here.

To book please contact
Tel: + 44 208 995 3352

January 26/27
9.30 - 5.00 on both days 
Venue;  8 Dalling Road, London W6 OJB 
Cost;  £ 325  (earlybird £295 by November 16) 
Download a booking form here.

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