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GuardianWhat can meditation do for your child?
By Joanna Moorhead

If you are one of those parents who insist on getting down on the floor to join in your offspring’s games, take heed: according to the American Psychological Society, which met last week in Miami, gatecrashing on children’s play stifles the very creativity you are probably trying to foster.

Parental involvement turns play into something structured, the researchers found, and the child’s primary concern then becomes pleasing the parent, rather than following their instincts. To foster creativity and imagination, leave the kids alone, the society was told, and give them opportunities to explore their inner feelings without fear.
Natural Health & Well-being
Natural Health April 2004

Cool for kids
Meditation classes are helping children to reduce anxiety and combat school-related stress. Charlotte Smith takes a look.

We like to think of childhood as an idyllic, worry-free time, but the reality is very different. Exam stress, bullying, peer pressure and family break ups are rife, and even time off is often a barrage of noise and image in the form of computer games and television. Many children don’t have a chance to catch their breath before it’s time for bed.
YOGA Magazine
Yoga MagazineJuly 2005

Why Children’s Yoga
By Christiane Kerr

Last week I was asked whether I would take a children’s yoga party. This presented me with a dilemma. Yoga and party – the words do not sit together comfortably. Do you lessen the integrity of yoga by “performing” it at a party or can you give children a really positive experience of yoga and turn them towards a regular class?
The Richmond Chronicle
The Richmond Chronicle August 2000

Insight with Graham Harvey

Meditation’s what you need

Childhood memories are more likely to feature balmy summers and favourite pets rather than panic attacks and nervous nail-biting. But it is a sad fact that stress amongst children seems to be on the rise and concerned parents are often desperate for solution which are never simple.

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