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Calming Exercises

Kids Calming Exercises1. Diamond (Vajrasana)

  1. Start in a kneeling position with your heels close together.
  2. Let your legs become heavy on the mat and your spine awake  and straight. 
  3. Breathe out and bring your hands together in prayer position.
  4. Take five deep breathes imagining yourself as a brilliant sparkling diamond.






Kids Calming Exercises2. Dormouse / child  (Pindasana)

  1. Release your hands and gently fold over your legs with your forehead resting on the ground. 
  2. Be quiet and still like a little sleeping Dormouse.







Kids Calming Exercises

3. Do Nothing Doll / corpse  (Savasana)

  1. Roll onto your back and lie flat. 
  2. Make sure your spine is straight and look up at the ceiling.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Let your arms and legs flop onto the mat like a rag doll. 
  5. Feel the ground beneath you. 
  6. Imagine your mat/the floor is a piece of hot toast and you are a little ball of butter gently melting over the toast.






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