Our bestselling Calm For Kids CD range has now sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. We have CDs suitable for all ages and they can be used at bedtime, for quiet time at home or as a teaching resource in the classroom. They are designed to help children relax, mentally and physically and promote a sense of well being and confidence.

As well as 7 CDs, we also have yoga cards and our new book, published by Mindful Storytime, Crab & Whale.

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Ultimate Calm For Kids

This music CD consists of 4 soothing and melodic tracks that promote a sense of calm and tranquility. Specially composed for Calm for Kids by Nimino, the soothing tracks gently settle you into a state of mental and physical relaxation. They can be used to help settle at bedtime, as background music at home or in the classroom or for meditation sessions.

Suitable for ALL AGES!

“I listened to this music whilst studying for my GCSEs. It makes me feel very calm and focused!”    Jack 16

MP3 Download @ £9.95

Enchanted Meditations for Kids

Our best-selling relaxation resource for use at home or at school. There are 8 tracks including Jellyfish Relexation, Dolphin Ride, the Magic Rainbow and Butterfly Relaxation. Using their imagination, children can float away on an enchanted journey that will leave them feeling happy and relaxed.

Suitable for ages 3 – 9.

“My daughter loves these relaxing stories and is much calmer and more relaxed after listening to them.”Helen, mum

Bedtime Meditations for Kids

Snuggle up in your magic bed and be transported to outer space, the sunny seaside and a wonderful winter playground. Designed for use at bedtime there are three charming visualisations that will help your child relax and sleep more peacefully.

Suitable for ages 3-9

“Bedtime Meditations helps me get to sleep more quickly and stops me getting nightmares. The stories are really fun and I have listened to them over and over again.
“Alex Sanderson”

Mermaids & Fairy Dust

Sixteen lovely and calming visualisations to help children relax, feel happy and build confidence. Be a sunbathing cat, float down the river in a boat and blow away your worries. Can be used at home with your children or as a teaching resource.

Ideal for all children under 7

“This is a great resource for nursery and reception. Although a couple of the tracks focus on mermaids and fairies, the others are ideal for boys and girls.” Malva Green, teacher

Rays of Calm

Ten tracks designed to promote a sense of calm and well-being, including relaxation and visualisation exercises. This includes a body scan and other tools to help deal with stress and can be used at home, in the classroom or for relaxation in a yoga session.

Suitable for ages 9 to adult

“My son was having problems with his peers at school and listening to Rays of Calm helped him to put things in perspective. Thank you!” Lizzy, mum

Mini Meditations 1

Eleven short and calming relaxation exercise and meditations for children ages 3 -7. This is ideal for use at home or at school to introduce short period of relaxation into the school day.The tracks can be played individually or follow on from each other for longer relaxation sessions.

Suitable for ages 3 –7

“I teach yoga in schools and these meditations are great for relaxation at the end of the class. Lovely music and stories.” Lucy, yoga teacher

MP3 Download @ £8.00

Mini Meditations 2

This consists of eleven short calming exercises that help children relax and become more aware of their breathe. Play breath detective, ride on the peace train and chill out under the duvet. Can be used at home or at school.

Suitable for ages 7 – 11.

“Lovely short calming meditations that we often use on longer car journeys. They are a favourite with both my children.” Anna L, mum.

MP3 Download @ £8.00


Calm For Kids – Yoga Poses Book

This is the ultimate children’s yoga pose book, expertly crafted by a highly qualified and experience yoga teacher with over 25 years of teaching yoga to children.

The book contains vibrant images of children engaged in yoga postures with detailed cues and carefully scripted instructions.  It makes the art of teaching yoga to children both accessible and fun.

Authored by seasoned yoga instructor, Christiane Kerr, this book distils decades of experience into easy-to-follow instructions.  Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or yoga enthusiast, this book provides the tools you need to introduce the joy of yoga to the younger generation.  It is also great for inspiring existing children’s yoga teachers too!

Discover the countless benefits of yoga for children, beautifully outlined in this book.  From improving flexibility and balance to enhancing concentration and mindfulness, this book is designed to unlock the full potential of yoga in a child-friendly format.

Perfect for practising home or using in the classroom or as part of a PE session, this is more than a book, it is an experience that fosters health, happiness and wellbeing in children’s lives

Download your copy today and take the first step in nurturing a lifelong love for yoga in the hearts of children.

Format E-book/pdf.


Click below to download

Crab & Whale

A new way to experience mindfulness

An imaginative and engaging way to introduce mindfulness to children.  How can a tiny crab help a big, beached whale?  This charming and heartwarming story is the first book in the Mindful Story time series.  Written by Mark Pallis and Christiane Kerr, with Beautiful illustrations by James Cottell.

“A truly heartwarming story celebrating kindness and gently introducing children to the life-changing power of mindfulness.”

Sir Anthony Seldon.


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Yoga Animals In The Forest

Filled with beautiful artwork and simple, step-by-step guides, Yoga Animals is a charming introduction to yoga and mindfulness for children aged three and above. Guided by a narrative and written by a children’s yoga expert, this book is an ideal first yoga book for children. Published by Ivy Kids (Quarto Books).

“A fun and interactive way to introduce your children to the beauty and joy of yoga.”



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Yoga Animals At The Seashore

The second in the Yoga Animals series with more beautiful artwork and step by step yoga guides. Follow Crab as he learns 13 easy yoga poses with the help of his seashore friends. Guided by a narrative and written by our very own children’s yoga expert, Christiane Kerr, this book is an ideal first yoga book for kids.Published by Ivy Kids (Quarto Books)

We had so much fund reading this book with a three and a five year old. It was colourful and engaging with a great layout which flowed throughout the book. It incorporated yoga into the book by using animals to show children ways to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. Louise D. 


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Read more recommendations

Bedtime Meditations

My daughter LOVED this! I brought it for her 7th birthday. It’s fun, creative calming and reassuring. She’s never made it to the end of the CD and listens to it every night now! I would recommend this without doubt, and wish we had invested in one much earlier. This is definitely suitable for both younger and older children, making it great value for money.

Theses CD’s have transformed our bedtimes, cannot recommend them more highly!

P.I. Lee, Australia

Oh my goodness. My daughter fell asleep after the first story! It’s just gone 8pm. She hasn’t gone to bed this early since the beginning of British Summer time! I can’t rate this cd highly enough! A very soothing and calming cd.

Geraldine, London

Rays of Calm

Rays of Calm was recommended to me by a friend and I was surprised to find that it really helped me to relax. The lulling voice on the CD helped me feel calm and less stressed. I used it before my GCSE mocks this term and I found that the CD helped me sleep better the night before my exams. This CD is perfect for all teens eager to de-stress!

Pauline, London

This has been brilliant for my 9yr old son. It has helped him to wind his busy brain down so he could go to sleep. He has got into a routine now and listens to it every night. I highly recommend it!

P M Blaxhill, Newcastle

Enchanted Meditations

I bought Enchanted to help my son deal with stress. He has learned relaxation techniques that he can now use to deal with stress both at school and at home. Great purchase, thank you.

Sue, Brighton

These guided visualisations are really spot on. My daughter loves to listen to her ‘relax CD’ and it had become a lovely part of our bedtime routine. Christiane has a lovely soothing voice and the visualisations are great for calming busy minds at bedtime, would highly recommend, both as an aid to sleep and as a lovely introduction to meditation for kids.

Fiona H, Salisbury

Mermaids and Fairy Dust

This is the third of Christiane Kerr’s CDs we have, and all of them are beautiful and help my 8 year old daughter relax at the end of the day. She has an active imagination and loves the stories. Christiane’s voice is very relaxing and I can’t wait for the next one!

Emma, Birmingham

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