sarah salmon yoga, mindfulness & wellbeing teacher teacher

Q. What’s your favourite quote?

‘We’re on the brink of adventure children. Don’t spoil it with questions.’ – Mary Poppins 😊

Q. Why did you want to teach yoga to children?

With many years of personal experience of the grounding, centring, calming and healing benefits of yoga, it was natural for me to want to share these practices with my own children and answer the call of their school teachers and friend’s parents seeking gentle and holistic methods of helping their children cope with life.

Q; How did your Calm For Kids Training prepare you to teach yoga to children?

The training gave me an easily accessible and comprehensive foundation for getting my children’s sessions off the ground. The amount of practical information gave me confidence and clarity around starting up with plenty of class material to start off with. I also found a lovely sense of community with other trainees some of whom I’m still in touch with and share ideas and experiences with which I find very supportive.

Q. How are you using your training now?

I am now offering yoga and mindfulness in all sorts of settings including with charities, schools and pre-schools, in private one-to-one sessions and running workshops and clubs. As I’ve become more confident and familiar with the material over the years and expanded and developed my own personal practice I am enjoying using the Calm for Kids material in a less structured, unplanned way which allows me to respond to what the children have going on for them in the moment which I really enjoy. I also integrate the material with other wellbeing tools and practices that I’ve learnt along the way.

Q. Do you have any tips for keeping your practice going in uncertain times?

Practice outside of uncertain times helps us build our reserves for uncertain times and practice during uncertain times helps us keep afloat! What our practice looks like might need to change depending on what is going on and that is ok and absolutely possible; there is always a way if we can remain positive and open hearted and practice helps us keep that door open 😊

Q. What’s one piece of advice you would give to kids yoga teachers starting out?

I vividly remember the perfect words of advice offered to me by a wise, old friend on the morning of my first session with a group of primary school children shortly after my training; I had made a very detailed class plan to allay my nerves and in an attempt to feel prepared and her words ‘Keep it simple’ shortly before I left home were just what I needed because it became evident to me as I started the session that my plan was not what the children needed! I was able to strip it back to basics with those words prominent in my mind and the session was beautiful, I will never forget it! So, keep it simple… and have fun!

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