Testimonials for Training & Workshops

I have loved all the courses I attended at Calm For Kids. I feel really supported, confident and ready to teach. The tutors are just fantastic; calm, knowledgeable and inspiring.

Alicia Scott

A highly professional and welcoming training course. Teachers were very
experienced and inspiring. I would recommend this training provider to anyone looking for excellent training.

Davina Riddle

Teaching Yoga to Children

I thought the two weekends and the manuals were brilliant – everything I needed to know to make a good start as a children’s yoga teacher. I loved Christiane’s style of teaching too – she is an inspiration.

Rachel Papp

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in teaching yoga to children, it is hugely inspirational, meticulously planned and covers everything from postures to philosophy, class planning and approaching schools. The manual supplied is excellent and Christiane is a very inspirational teacher who encourages the creativity within her students, ultimately giving them confidence and tools to teach yoga to children

Sue Barrett

Teaching was clear and engaging and the course was great; very informative and delivered with integrity.

Suzanne Murray (yoga teacher)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful training weekends. I feel like I’ve taken away more than just the knowledge of how to teach yoga to kids. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm for children’s yoga have been passed on and shared with us.

Cath Conley

I’ve come away feeling much more confident and inspired to develop my practice with children. I’m buzzing with ideas. I think your course is fantastic for school teachers.”

Nirosha Dawsey (school teacher)

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Teaching was excellent and knowledge gained invaluable.

Julie Davies ( classroom assistant)

Teaching Mindfulness to Children

The course was very well organised, giving us a good chance to develop our skills in a structured way as well as allowing the flexibility to ask questions and take the course in the direction that we wanted. It was a good balance and also encouraged discussion between the participants.

Claire Hadfield

I feel that all of the course was really useful. The six lesson format will provide me with a perfect structure to base my teaching on. I will also definitely incorporate Mindful Movement into my lessons as I felt that the activities which we tried were excellent and would work really well with children.

Hannah Amin

This course resources you to teach mindfulness to children and allows for a flexible approach in whatever context you are working. Well worth doing with a facilitator who embodied what she was teaching.

Jo Griffiths

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very informative, with lots of practical tips for maintaining our own practice and how to bring mindfulness into a school setting as well as how to teach it to children. I also found it really inspiring to meet other people already working in this field.

Lucy Till

The course teachers were very skilled and knowledgable which enabled me to learn a lot. They were also very welcoming and friendly which made the course fun and enjoyable.

Sarah Imrie

A lovely weekend learning how to teach mindfulness to kids. The training was delivered in a supportive and friendly environment with lots of creative brainstorming sessions. We covered the sixweek school course in detail but there was also enough time and flexibility to answer participants’ specific questions.

Nicola Harvey, School Teacher


I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and feel it was a real practical help. I feel full of confidence for my first teenage class.

Sally Pearce

This was such a thorough and well-organised workshop. I loved the sequences, mudras and breathing for teen and feel much more confident. Thank you.

Alexandra Tanner

It was a great workshop with a good balance of practical session and talks. There were great tips for adapting out adult teaching for teens and I found the class management techniques very helpful as well as ways to engage teenagers.

Julie Seery

What a fantastic workshop. I came away feeling really inspired and cant’ wait to put what I learned into practice. Thank you!

Julie Thomas

This was a great workshop! The space was lovely and the group size was ideal, giving opportunities to develop ideas. I left feeling very inspired to incorporate what I had learned into my teaching.

Ria Utteridge

Testimonials for CDs

Bedtimes are no longer a battleground. The Calm for Kids CDs are a big hit in our household.

Heather Connon, The Observer

My daughter loves the (Calm For Kid’s) stories and is much calmer and more focused after listening to them.

Helen Kemmit

What a fantastic CD. Its not only my daughter who relaxes – the whole family calms down when they hear the lovely soothing voice.

Sarah Lawson

In our busy lives I have learnt that anything that makes life easier is a boon and my latest discovery is no exception! Calm For Kids is a fantastic tool to help in the sometimes exhausting moments we know as children’s bedtime

Carey Campbell

My son was having problems with his peers at school and listening to the CDs helped him to put things in perspective.

Adrienne Robertson

Calm for Kids makes me go to sleep quicker and stops me getting nightmares. The stories are really fun and I have listened to them over and over again.

Alex Sanders

My two girls listen to these stories and they seem to induce a calm peaceful sleep so I am a big fan of the Calm For Kids CD

Joanna Simmons

We use the bedtime meditations to calm Jess before her 11+ exams. They really helped. Thanks

Sophie Bird

This Calm For Kids CD is wonderful. My eldest daughter finds it very hard to ‘switch off’ at bedtime & as a result lies awake for hours mulling things over in her head. That was until I bought this CD. The soothing music, creative narrative and Christiane’s calm and gentle voice helps her to totally relax, she is yet to hear the CD to the end, she always falls asleep by track 3. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Mum of two girls.